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Admission Notice :


Admission Notice - Session : 2013-14
1. Application forms for admission to 1st year B.A./B.Sc./B.FAD. courses, 2013 will be
distributed from the college office on and from 6th June, 2013 between 10: 30
A.M. and 1 P.M., Monday to Friday. Last date for distribution and submission of
filled-in application forms : 21st June, 2013 upto 1 P.M.
2. Eligibility criteria for admission to B.A./ B.Sc.. Honours courses as per University of
Calcutta Notification No. CSR/54/09 and Circular No. C/772/circular.
A candidate taking up Honours course in a subject must have obtained
For General Category
A minimum of 50% marks in the aggregate and 45% marks in the subject or related subject
at the previous qualifying examination.
55% marks in the subject or related subject at the previous qualifying examination.
50% marks in the aggregate when the candidate has not studied the subject in her previous
qualifying examination provided all other clauses are satisfied
For SC/ST / Physically challenged Category
Candidates belonging to the SC / ST / Physically challenged category taking up Honours
Courses of Study must have obtained a minimum of 40% marks in the aggregate or 40%
marks in the subject or related subjects at the previous qualifying examination, as the case
may be.
3. Candidates will be admitted on the basis of Merit Lists. Merit Lists will be published on
the college notice board as well as on the college website by 25th June, 2013.
4. Admission from Merit List starts from 15.07.2013.
Dates of admission of candidates from Merit List: 15th July to 18th July, 2013
(10.30 A.M. to 1.00 P.M.)
Tentative date of reporting for Admission from waiting list: 22nd July,2013 at 11.00 A.M.
(To be confirmed on 19th July, 2013)
5. Fee for obtaining application form for admission is Rs. 200/- (Rupees two hundred) only
to be paid in cash only (Please tender exact amount).