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Department of Hindi :


The Department of Hindi has been in existence since the establishment of the college in 1961. As one of the oldest department of the college, the main aim of the Hindi Department is to impart quality education on the language and literature to the students. The department has been offering the B.A. (General) course as well as the compulsory MIL paper. The faculty has been able to arouse students interest in the vernacular by holding regular seminars and creative writing sessions. Students are encouraged to participate in these co-curricular activities of the department.


The department is also offering the Honours course in Hindi w.e.f. 2013.




Assistant Professor.

M.A (Hindi), Ph.D.

Mr. Mantoo Das


Head, Department of Hindi.

Assistant Professor.

M.A(Hindi), M.phil, B.Ed, PGDB


Dr. Vijaya Singh



M.A. (Hindi), Ph.D.