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Department of Economics :


Established in 1961, the department of Economics has been offering the B.A. (General) course in the subject. Economics as a subsidiary subject has an appeal to students of various disciplines. Knowledge of basic economics enables them to gain proper insight into current socio-economic issues and various national and international developments. The subject has been a popular choice amongst the students undergoing Honours Course in English, Geography, History, Political Science or Sociology. The under graduate curriculum in Economics (General) prescribed by the affiliating University is taught in class with utmost care so that every student can grasp the concepts therein. Regular class and home assignments, class tests tutorial and selection tests enable the students to be well prepared for the university examinations. The department of Economics also encourages students to present papers on current socio-economics issues at the departmental seminars held regularly in the college as well as in other colleges.


Mr. Maniruzzaha Rahaman


Head, Department of Economics.

Assistant Professor.

M.A. (Economics)

Mr. Sourav Motilal



M.A. (Economics)