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Department of Education :


The establishment of the department of Education dates back to 1961. Originating as a Department offering the B.A. (General) course of study, the Honours course in Education was offered for the first time in the 1984-85 academic session. Since then the Department has traversed a long distance through decades. The faculty has always given special individual attention and encouragement to the students which have been instrumental in ensuring their good academic performances. Education as a subject has been a popular choice amongst students of the Humanities stream.


Education is an interdisciplinary subject which absorbs matter from subjects like Philosophy, Psychology, Sociology, History, Statistics, Technology, Management and Current Affairs. It helps to delve deeply into human behavior and creates educators and teachers to nurture young minds. Since it is inter-disciplinary it has its doors opening towards management, teaching, research, journalism etc. The countrys progress depends upon its education system. This system requires educators and educationists for its proper administration and regulations. It is only by studying the subject education that educational administrators can be made and they can guide the country towards proper educational progress. By studying Education Honours an individual can avail opportunities in the up coming subjects in numerous fields like Mass Communication, Human Resource, Womens Education, Human Rights. Thus, it has a broad scope.


dr.Nandita Chaudhuri


Associate Professor.

M.A. (Education) B.Ed. Ph.D.

Ms. Pampa Chatterjee


Associate Professor.

M.A. (Education) , M.Phil.


Ms. Namrata Subba


Head, Department of Education
Assistant Professor.

M.A. (Education) , B.ED.

MR. Siddhartha Sarkar


Assistant Professor.

M.A. (Education), M.Phil.