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Laboratory :

A Sound Recording and Video Editing Studio equipped with software such as ADOBE Premiere Vr : 6.5, Sound Forge, and other supporting software as Photoshop, Quarke Express etc is being set up in the college. This will enable the department of Journalism and Mass Communication to give adequate training to its students in video editing and short documentary film making which are part of the undergraduate degree course. A video camera with its complete bit, a mmdv cassette player, mixer, microphones and a departmental E-library with a rich collection of related CDs and DVDs are proposed to facilitate the curricula.


Fashion and Apparel Design Laboratory set up in the college consists of two parts: i) Pattern making and Garment construction ii) Textile designing and testing.


Pattern making and Garment construction laboratory is equipped with sewing machines, fashion maker, sewing kit, meter scale, irons, steam irons etc. to enable students to make garment drafting and stitching. Dress forms on which modern style of draping and producing garments are also included. The laboratory also includes a trial room.

Textile designing and testing laboratory is essential for developing and producing different stylized designs on papers and on fabrics by using different techniques.The testing laboratory enables checking different parameters of fabrics through physical and chemical tests. Some of the equipments used for testing in this laboratory are crease recovery, crock-o-meter, stiffness tester, thickness tester, microscope etc.